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15 Amp 10" Miter Saw

The KJX06-255 Miter Saw is a powerful and reliable tool designed for precision cutting. It features a 15 AMP motor that delivers ample power for cutting through various materials with ease.One standout features of this miter saw is its direct drive motor, which eliminates the need for belts that can slip or require replacement. This ensures a consistent and reliable power transfer, resulting in smooth and accurate cuts. For added convenience and safety, this miter saw is equipped with an electric brake. This allows for quick and efficient stopping of the blade after each cut, reducing downtime and enhancing user safety. The KJX06-255 Miter Saw is a dependable tool that offers high-performance cutting capabilities. This miter saw provides the power, durability, and convenience you need to tackle a wide range of cutting tasks with precision and efficiency.
Powerful 15 AMP Motor
The miter saw is equipped with a robust 15 AMP motor, providing ample power for efficient cutting performance.
Direct Drive Motor
With a direct drive motor design, this miter saw eliminates the need for belts that can slip or require replacement. It ensures consistent power transfer for smooth and accurate cuts.
Electric Brake
The miter saw features an electric brake, allowing for quick and convenient stopping of the blade after each cut. This enhances safety and reduces downtime.
Belt-Free Design
The absence of belts in the miter saw eliminates the need for maintenance and replacements, providing a hassle-free operation.
Precision Cutting
This miter saw offers precise cutting capabilities, allowing you to achieve accurate and clean cuts for various woodworking projects.
Durable Construction
The miter saw is built with durability in mind, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding work environments.
Rated Power Iuput
15.0 Amp
No-load Speed
Hole Diameter of Blade
Blade Diameter
Net Weight
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