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20V MAX* Brushless Cordless 1/2 in. Impact Wrench

Introducing the KDPB698 Brushless Cordless Impact Wrench, a powerful and versatile tool designed to deliver exceptional performance for a wide range of fastening tasks. One standout feature of the KDPB698 is its 4-stage power selection system, allowing you to optimize the RPM and fasten torque to suit different applications. This versatility ensures precise control and optimal performance in various fastening scenarios. With a maximum torque of 720 ft.-lbs. and a maximum fastening torque of 515 ft.-lbs., this impact wrench provides the power needed to tackle even the toughest nuts and bolts. Whether you're working on automotive repairs, construction projects, or other heavy-duty applications, the KDPB698 is up to the task. Designed with reliability and longevity in mind, the brushless motor technology ensures efficient power delivery and extended tool life. You can trust this impact wrench to withstand rigorous use and deliver consistent performance over time.
High-Performance Brushless Motor
High-performance brushless motor, ensuring efficient power delivery, extended runtime, and enhanced durability. This motor technology maximizes the tool's performance and reliability.
Extended Runtime and Durability
With its brushless motor and intelligent power management system, the impact wrench offers extended runtime, allowing you to tackle demanding tasks without interruption. It is designed to withstand heavy-duty use and provide long-lasting performance.
4-Stage Power Selection
The impact wrench features a 4-stage power selection system, allowing you to adjust the RPM and fastening torque to match specific applications. This versatility enables precise control and optimized performance for various fastening tasks.
Maximum Nut Busting Torque
The KDPB698 delivers a maximum torque of 720 ft.-lbs., providing exceptional power to loosen even the most stubborn nuts and bolts. Additionally, it offers a maximum fastening torque of 515 ft.-lbs., ensuring secure and efficient tightening.
20V / 5.0Ah ×1 / 5.0Ah × 2 / 6.0Ah × 2 / Bare Tool
Square Drive Size
12.7 mm(1/2")
No-Load Speed
1 gear 500 /min
2 gear 1200 /min
3 gear 1900 /min
4 gear 2200 /min
Impact Frequency
1 gear 1000 /min
2 gear 1700 /min
3 gear 2400 /min
4 gear 2700 /min
Torque Setting
1 gear 2655 in-lbs
2 gear 3540in-lbs
3 gear 4425 in-lbs
4 gear 6178 in-lbs
MAX. Torque
6178 in-lbs
Standard Bolt Size
Net Weight
5.5 lbs /5.5 lbs /5.7 lbs /4.2 lbs
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